The butterfly meditation

I am lucky enough to work with children in my practice, and having a 5 year old of my own, i'm a big fan of using visualisation in mindfulness and meditation practice.

A note to parents: Read through this meditation a couple of times and get a feel for it.  Don't be afraid to add your own flavour.  Use a calm, slow and steady voice. 

Here is the butterfly meditation:

Lying on your back on the floor or on your bed, place your hands on your tummy.  Close your eyes and breathe gently. 

Feel your breath moving your hands up and down, up and down.  

Count to ten, breathing in at 1, out at 2, in at 3, out at 4, in at 5, out at 6, in at 7, out at 8, in at 9 and out at 10.

Let your breath return to normal.

Imagine a beautiful butterfly has come to rest on your chest.  What colour is your butterfly? As you breathe in and out see the butterfly rise and fall, rise and fall..

Watch now as your butterfly lifts up gently flapping its' wings.  Feel the gentle breeze as the butterfly gently begins to float down your body to your toes.  

The butterfly has landed on your toes.  Feel your toes relax.

The butterfly is now gently flying slowly up your body - past your lower legs, your thighs and up to your tummy.  As the butterfly flaps its wings feel your legs and tummy relax.  

Photo by Balazs Kovacs/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Balazs Kovacs/iStock / Getty Images

The butterfly is gently flying past your chest and hands, arms and neck.  Feel them relax.

The butterfly is floating past your face to the top of your head.  Feel your face and head relax. 

As the butterfly gently rests on the top of your head feel your whole body relax, your whole body relax. 

Thank your big strong body for helping you on this busy day and thank your butterfly for helping you bring your attention to your body to relax.