emily mouton

What we think and how we feel can affect the physical body.  If you have been looking for a practitioner that can help you balance your whole self, you have come to the right place…..

Emily Mouton uses her knowledge of naturopathy and meditation to help you create those feelings of wellbeing and balance.

Herbal medicine and nutrition – Support the physical and emotional body from the inside out. Digestive health, inflammation and the immune response have a huge impact on our mood and emotion.  Learn how to choose foods, herbs and supplements that will help you feel better.  

Evidence informed naturopathic advice that works alongside prescription medication, available over the counter at Vitality Junction health foods and wellness centre Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week. Consultation by appointment

Remedial massage – Deep tissue, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and trigger point techniques are used to help the body unwind from stress and heal from injury.  

Appointments available Monday by appointment.


Menopause is a bugger. Well it has been for me. Hot flushes and tiredness, mainly. My life is pretty frantic, but Emily’s recommendations are always doable. And she always makes me laugh. It’s nice to get the symptoms sorted. But a surprise to find myself feeling more in sync with life in a way I haven’t experienced before. Not just for a short stint but for a good while now. Thanks a bunch, Emily!
— Megan, Newcastle NSW