Emily Mouton is a herbalist, nutritionist and remedial massage therapist with a passion for meditation and movement.

Based in Newcastle NSW with her young family, Emily has been in practice since 2006 and brings twenty years of knowledge of supplements, healthy lifestyle and wholefood nutrition to her clinical practice.

Driven by her own need to find balance and manage stress Emily began a daily meditation practice eight years ago and now shares her depth of personal experience with her patients through her clinical practice.

Emily is a (wobbly) but keen yogi, skateboarder and chocolate obsessive…

Qualifications: BHSc Complementary Medicine (2011), Adv Dip western herbal medicine, (2009) Adv Dip clinical nutrition (2009), Cert IV remedial massage (2006).

Associations: Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) # 19798


The herbs Emily suggested were spot on. But so was her insight. Good manageable advice with some scientific reasoning. I’m feeling healthier, but more relaxed. It’s great.
— Jeff, Newcastle NSW
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